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Farming, Friends, and Fried Bologna Sandwiches (October 2014, Mercer University Press) celebrates the farm-to-table movement as she works alongside 82-year-old Billy Albertson. Chocked full of Southern stories and tasty recipes, Nathalie Dupree writes: “this book will entice you with its stories and love of Southern food.” Jill Conner Brown, New York Times bestselling author of The Sweet Potato Queen, calls farming, “a flawless recipe for a good life.” Renea and Billy speak to school children about growing food. They also help plant community gardens at local schools
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Williams, D

Small Victories: One Couple’s Surprising Adventures Building an Unrivaled Collection of American Prints is a journey through American fine art prints by two intrepid collectors, Dave and Reba Williams. Told by Dave, they experience victories and defeats, make discoveries and gain knowledge. The more-than-six-thousand prints they acquired cover both familiar and little-known ground, iconic images by household names and, most importantly, artists and entire schools of art unknown to—or routinely ignored by—curators, academics, dealers and collectors. In addition to the masterpieces of Winslow Homer, George Bellows, and Edward Hopper are the regionalists who worked in northern California, Charleston, Dallas and
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Williams, R

A prestigious fellowship at the Art Museum of Great Britain was too good for Dinah to pass up, but with a preoccupied husband, her cousin Coleman in New York, and domestic issues at her rented London flat, she finds herself unhappy and alone. Her friendship with Rachel Ransome is a bright note, until an encounter with a member of London society involves them both in royal intrigue. As Dinah’s household troubles take a sinister turn, and Rachel is accused of murder, Coleman arrives to assist, only to find herself involved in a passionate love affair—will she forego her vow never
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