Volunteer FAQs

What are the requirements to volunteer?

Mainly, willingness! You must be at least 16 years old to volunteer. If you have a special need, we can accommodate you!

What volunteer opportunities are at the SCBook Festival?

There are many different ways to serve at many different levels of commitment. We need volunteers for everything from pre-festival organization to post-festival clean-up. Please see Volunteer Positions for more detailed descriptions of our needs.

Will I be trained?

Most volunteer opportunities do not require special training. However, we will be holding a Volunteer Orientation Meeting a week before the festival (Saturday, May 9, 2015). At this meeting, we will provide a continental breakfast, and we will go over all important information about the Festival. If you cannot make this meeting, we still want you to volunteer! Most volunteers work in pairs or small groups so you will not be without assistance. You will NEVER be asked to do something that you feel uncomfortable doing.

How do I sign up?

Please click here to register online, or there is an easy registration form that you can download, print, and return to us. You can also call the Book Festival Volunteer Coordinator and fill out the form over the phone: 803-771-2477.

What do I wear?

Different volunteer positions require different forms of dress, depending on the formality and physicality of the event. Please check the Volunteer Positions page for specific details about attire for each volunteer opportunity. On the actual days of the SCBook Festival, volunteers will be wearing special Book Festival t-shirts, so please wear a top that allows for a t-shirt over it, or be prepared to change.

Where do I park?

The Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center has a free lot beside it that can accommodate several hundred, but please be prepared to pay about $5 to park in overflow lots if you do not arrive early on Saturday or Sunday. The overflow lots are a short walk from the Convention Center. The Humanities CouncilSC has plenty of parking at its building if you are volunteering during the pre-Festival weeks.

Where do I check in on the day I volunteer?

On Friday, May 15th, Saturday the 16th, and Sunday, May 17th, check in at the Information Booth that will be on the lower level of the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center. If you are volunteering during the pre-Festival weeks, check in with one of The Humanities CouncilSC staff members at the office, specifically T. J. Wallace or Gail Lyles.

To whom do I report?

On the days of the Festival, you should primarily look for these people if you have any questions or problems.

  • T.J. Wallace—Book Festival Director
  • Gail Lyles – Administrative Assistant
  • Other Humanities Council Staff members: Randy Akers, Executive Director

Will there be food available during the times I am volunteering?

On the days of the Festival, volunteers will have access to snacks and drinks. The Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center also operates a concession stand during the hours of the Festival. If you are volunteering during the pre-Festival weeks, you will be able to leave for food whenever needed. The Humanities CouncilSC has a refrigerator available for bag lunches!

What if I am unable to fulfill my volunteer commitment?

First, please make every effort to find a replacement. Share all important information with your replacement and ask him/her to report to the Information Booth giving your name. Please let T.J. Wallace know about any conflicts and changes: 803-771-2477, email.

I still have questions...

Please contact T. J. Wallace at 803-771-2477 or email.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering!