Author Exhibitors

Titus Joseph

“Our Curious World of Mirror Images: Reflections on how Symmetry Frames Reality, Powers Creation, and Provides Context for Life.”

Booth# 325
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Thomas Black

Self-published book, Ten $1 Bills

The amazing true story of how God blessed ten one-dollar bills and built a bridge in Nicaragua.

Booth# 252
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Allen Paul Books

Book: “Honey the Dixie Dingo Dog: Champion of the Strays.” The protagonist: Honey herself. The author: Allen Paul

Booth# 212
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Carole Morden

Dry Bones is a fun murder mystery, serving up humor straight from the fishbowl experiences of pastors’ wives. Jamie Storm Novels.

Booth# 551
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Colorworld Books

Believable and relatable superhero story with no capes, no spandex, no flying around, & no laserbeam eyeballs.

Booth# 553
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Naesha Parks, Author

Imagine experiencing the joy of childbirth only to have your world turned upside down nine days later. This is the true story of Naesha Parks. After blacking out, she went to the hospital where a blood clot was found, but doctors soon discovered that she was also experiencing a rare and deadly spontaneous coronary artery dissection, where two of the arteries of her heart had completely split.  While on the operating table, Naesha died. Doctors worked to revive her, but were not optimistic about her outcome. After being in a medically induced coma with her chest open for nine days, finally, slowly, she started to improve.

Booth# 111
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Tonya Sharp Hyche, Fiction Author

Hyche writes fast-paced, crime thriller novels filled with unforgettable characters and head-spinning surprises. Her works include Data Bank, Faded Memories, Swept Away, Intersection of Lies, Glass Shadow, Breathless and the Just for You trilogy: Just for You, Fearless and Painted Fear.

All 9 titles will be available for sale and autographs.

Booth# 250
Category: Author

The Raggedy Owl

The Raggedy Owl children’s book and literary themed t-shirts.

Booth# 715
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Virginia C. Hart and Meredith T. Taylor

SC independent author, Virginia C. Hart, is the creator of the new adult contemporary romance Fabulous Five Series. The first two installments of the series, Beneath the Lie and The Final Pairing, will both be available for purchase and autograph.

SC Author and Playwright, Meredith Taylor will be presenting her YA novel Churning Waters.

Set to the magical backdrop of Murrells Inlet, Churning Waters introduces the story of young Marguerite Westley. Margo discovers her family tree holds a secret link to the world of the Sironians – an underwater race of dark and powerful beings. Book Two of the Churning Water Series, Clashing Waters is set to be released summer 2015.


Booth# 704
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Farley’s Fiction & Other Works

Dr. Farley’s novels range from historical fiction to literary/adventure/love stories. His scholarly works are in the fields of philosophy and religion.

Booth# 519
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Henry Porada

Children Picture books written by award winning local author and popular t-shirt “READING IS FUN”

Booth# 525
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Sheri S Levy and Heather Marshall – Authors

Sheri S. Levy is the author of Seven Days to Goodbye and Heather Marshall is the author of The Thorn Tree.

Mix together a puppy raiser, her best friend, a boy with autism and older brothers, you get Seven Days to Goodbye.

The Thorn Tree chronicles three generations of women’s lives across two continents as they struggle to redefine themselves after loss.

Booth# 556
Category: Author

Boxer Publishing

Boxer Publishing’s booth will feature autographed copies of The College Chronicles: Freshman Milestones, the first novel of Charleston author Kelly Owen’s new adult series. Come get a copy and register for our giveaway: The Ultimate College Care Package. Great for anyone bound for college or already there!

Booth# 105
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Paul Nielsen – Author

Paul W. Nielsen will be signing and selling copies of his newest releases in the medical suspense/paranormal genre: The Cambion (2014) and The Second Son (2015).

Booth# 411
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Olivia Washington

Olivia is a local SC author. Looking forward to meeting everyone, to sell, and to also autograph her novels!

Booth# 523
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Kim Boykin, Author

Kim Boykin and Susan Boyer will meet and talk with readers and autograph books. All of their titles will be available.


Booth# 549
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Ahlumba Harris

Ahlumba Harris is an independent author of four inspirational books that have a passion for purpose and a desire to encourage anyone who has lost hope to realize that it’s never too late to reach for and obtain greater.

Booth# 552
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Susan M. Boyer, Author

Susan Boyer & Kim Boykin will meet and talk with readers and autograph books. All of their titles will be available.


Booth# 549
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The Art Spirit – Bobbi Adams

Full color 100 page book in two volumes, “Gatherings from the Garden.” Roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, and seeds.

Booth# 412
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