Margaret Bradham Thornton

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Genre(s) Fiction

Margaret Bradham Thornton is the author of the bestselling and critically acclaimed Charleston, a novel, and the award-winning Tennessee Williams’s Notebooks (C. Hugh Holman Prize, best volume of southern literary scholarship, Society for the Study of Southern Literature).

Thornton’s fiction debut is notable for its “lyricism and precision” (NYTBR) for “elegance and restraint”(WSJ) and for its central themes: “visual art and the act of seeing” and “poetic scaffolding of details” (Paris Review).

Book Title: Charleston, A Novel

From the Paris Review: “All the pieces are in place for a story befitting the book’s cover: a Southern romance novel, a book-club pick, a beach read. What Thornton delivers, instead, has more in common with her Williams book—a…. poetic scaffolding of details…stitching them together into something larger while leaving the pieces to speak for themselves….Visual art and the act of seeing are central, if subliminal, themes.”

From the Wall Street Journal: “Thornton writes with characteristic elegance and restraint, the seductions of her hometown—‘sun, smell of pluff mud, sound of the tide going out’—cast their spell.”