Jane Spillane

Jane Spillane is a native of Marion, South Carolina and spent weekends and summers in Murrells Inlet. She is a Carolina girl through and through, going so far as to become the runner-up in the Miss South Carolina pageant. Spillane went to the University of South Carolina before moving to New York to attend the American Academy of Performing Arts where she majored in theatre, specifically musical comedy, and toured with a number of regional productions including the show “Star-Spangled Girl.”

Eventually she married a Connecticut man and lived in Fairfield, CT, heading a fitness program there and raising two beautiful daughters. In 1982, Spillane divorced and moved south to Murrells Inlet. That is when she became reacquainted with a neighbor who she married a year later. That man was Mickey Spillane. They were married for 23 years before his death in 2006. Currently, Spillane owns Mickey Spillane Productions and Publishing, and has published seven of Mickey’s novels posthumously. She still lives in the house on the Inlet with three cats of her own and tends to her endeavors related to her late husband.

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