Jacob F. Rivers III

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Genre(s) Anthology History Southern Sports

Jacob F. Rivers III spent much of his youth hunting and fishing in the South Carolina lowcountry. He serves as the director of the Office of Veterans Services at the University of South Carolina and teaches Themes in American Writing in the Department of English. Rivers is the author of Cultural Values in the Southern Sporting Narrative (University of South Carolina Press).

Book Title: Early Southern Sports and Sportsmen, 1830–1910: A Literary Anthology

Jacob F. Rivers III has collected twenty-two classic hunting tales by twelve southern writers including Davey Crocket, Johnson J. Hooper, and Henry Clay Lewis. These stories spring not only from a genteel literary tradition but also from the tradition of the tall tale or stories of backwoods humor. Antebellum and post–Civil War tales reflect changes in the social and economic composition of the hunting class in the South. Some reveal themes of fear for the future of field sports, and others demonstrate an early conservation ethic among hunters and landowners.