Jana Oliver

Other Worlds: Young Adult Fantasy | Sunday, May 17, 1:40 - 2:30, Lexington Meeting Room B
Genre(s) Young Adult

Jana Oliver has the perfect job—she listens to the voices in her head and then writes their stories. Her latest creation, Briar Rose, is a dark steampunk retelling of Sleeping Beauty, complete with Hoodoo, a vengeful Civil War ghost, and diabolical metal magic. Jana’s previous work includes the Demon Trappers series, Tangled Souls, and the Time Rovers series. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Visitors are always welcome at her website: www.JanaOliver.com.

Book Title: Briar Rose

A riveting re-telling of Sleeping Beauty, Briar Rose by Jana Oliver gives the classic fairytale a Southern Gothic twist. The book finds Briar Rose trapped in a dark and disturbing world full of secrets and sinister creatures. Together, with an unexpected companion, she must find a way to break the curse that is keeping her there.