Ed Madden

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Genre(s) Poetry

An associate professor of English at USC, Ed Madden is the author of three books of poetry, most recently Nest (Salmon 2014). His work also appears in Best New Poets 2007 and elsewhere. He is also the editor of Out Loud: The Best of Rainbow Radio. In January 2015, he was named the Poet Laureate of the City of Columbia, South Carolina.

Book Title: Nest

Ed Madden’s third book of poetry, Nest, is a book about home. In these elegant, conflict, and deeply human poems, he explores troubling questions about family, love, regret, and belonging—the homes we leave and the homes we must learn to make for ourselves. These are poems of place, from poems grounded in the faith culture of the rural American South, through poems of dislocation and longing. The book is about the rituals and practices we carry with us, the ones that sustain us.

Salmon website: http://www.salmonpoetry.com/details.php?ID=327&a=256