Michael Leleux

Michael Leleux is the founder of All Things Author™,a boutique agency specializing in strategic branding, marketing, web design, and social media marketing for the literary community.  Leleux’s considerable experience in brand development, design for print and web, and consumer marketing and social media includes:  Zunda Group, The Dannon Company, Inwork, Inc., Colgate-Palmolive, Goodhome.com and EverydayDecorating.com, of which he is co-founder.

Leleux is a staunch believer in the transformative power of a great book.  He asserts that many books fall off the shelf, all too soon, without even the slightest chance of being noticed by an eager audience–an audience that, for financial reasons, hasn’t been told that they exist.  “It’s all about time and clear, consistent, targeted communication,” he says.  “And in an age when it’s so easy to communicate, we’d be crazy not use tools like twitter, facebook, Pinterest and Youtube to help us reach that audience.”

Leleux originally hails from Louisiana, though he spent his formative years in Houston, Texas.   He now lives, happily, in New York city with his beautiful husband, author Robert Leleux.

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