Lester Laminack

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Genre(s) Childrens

Lester L. Laminack is a specialist in children’s literacy and professor emeritus at Western Carolina University. Laminack has written numerous books and articles for educators and is a familiar speaker at professional meetings and reading associations nationwide. He lives in North Carolina.

Visit Lester L. Laminack’s website at: www.lesterlaminack.com

Book Title: Three Hens and a Peacock

Nothing unusual ever happened on the Tuckers’ farm. Until the day that peacock showed up…

When a glamorous visitor lands unexpectedly in their midst and begins attracting customers to the farm, three hardworking hens are none too pleased. To keep the peace, a wise old hound dog suggests a job swap.

What will happen when three gussied-up hens spend the day prancing and parading at passing cars? And will that peacock ever figure out how to lay an egg?