Barbara Evers

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Genre(s) Essay Fiction

Barbara V. Evers works as a professional trainer, public speaker, and writer. She is Myers Briggs certified and holds an MA in Professional Communication. Barbara also contributes her knowledge of writing as an editorproofreader for other writers. Her short stories and essays have appeared in the best-selling anthology, Child of My Child:, The Petigru Review, moonShine review, and Stupefying Stories, and she won First Place in the 2013 Carrie McCray contest. Barbara blogs at, and

Book Title: moonShine review 10th Anniversary

The oddities of the world around us—and the darkness within our minds and hearts—became our journal’s touchstone early on. We’ve published grotesque and wacky, tragedy and comedy, nostalgic and avant garde. And, while never setting a theme, one has always materialized from the work we received. This issue boasts all of the above—not only marking a milestone for length of time in publication, but also for her independent, quirky nature to always remain true to that which speaks to us in the moonlight.

This year we celebrate the many writers and photographers who have called moonShine their first home for publication over these past ten years. We honor our contributors who have passed from this world but live on through their art. We applaud the inspiring and supportive artists around us.  And we thank everyone who has ever graced our pages.