Heather Dearmon

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Genre(s) Poetry

In 2006, Heather Dearmon won first place in the South Carolina Poetry Initiative and the State newspaper’s Single Poem Contest, followed by a first place award in the Kakalak 2009 Anthology of Carolina Poets. Dearmon’s poetry has appeared in many publications, including Earth’s Daughters and qarrtsiluni. Dearmons’s first collection of poetry, water unto light, was published in 2014 by Finishing Line Press.

Book Title: Water Unto Light

A review of water unto light by Ed Madden, poet, associate professor of English at the University of South Carolina, and author of Signals, Prodigal: Variations and Nest:

Heather Dearmon’s poetry reminds us that this world–the mortal world of families and illness and loss–is a world of both damage and grace. At the heart of the book is the image of the woman healed because she touched the hem of Christ’s robe. This image suggests that grace may be found at the edges and margins, in the ordinary and the unremarkable, in the practices of daily life that help us go on, as she says in one poem, “as though life were simple.” Or, “as though my father were not dead,” to touch on the loss that drives this small but powerful collection. We’re also reminded that grace, insufficient though it may be, can be found in words that console and sustain, in poetry like this.