Jaye Robin Brown

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Genre(s) Fiction Young Adult

Jaye Robin Brown lives in the mountains of Western North Carolina and teaches art at a public high school. NO PLACE TO FALL is her first book. Find her online at www.jayerobinbrown.com, on Twitter @JayeRobinBrown, and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/jayerobinbrown.

Book Title: No Place To Fall

Jaye Robin Brown’s soulful debut breathes fresh air into a coming-of-age story with irresistible characters that are perfect in their imperfection.

When Good Girl Amber Vaughn suddenly gets the chance of a lifetime – to audition her small town church singing voice at a prestigious art school – she jumps at the opportunity and begins training right away. With the help of her best friend’s older brother, Will, she begins to let herself believe that she might actually snag a ticket out of her tiny North Carolina home.

And then suddenly, nothing is what it used to be. Amber’s family is coming apart at the seams, things between she and Will are getting complicated, and she’s beginning to doubt whether she really is the good girl she’s always believed she is.

And most surprising of all…it might not be so bad.