William Baldwin

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Genre(s) Fiction Southern

A lifelong resident of the Carolina Low Country, William P. Baldwin is an award-winning novelist, poet, biographer and historian. He graduated from Clemson with a BA in History and an MA in English. He ran a shrimp boat for nine years then built houses, but the principle occupation of his life has been writing. His works include Charleston, Charleston Impressions, Daytrips from Charleston, Plantations of the Low Country, Low Country Plantations Today, (all with architectural photographer N. Jane Iseley) and the oral histories Mrs. Whaley and her Charleston Garden and Heaven is a Beautiful Place. The screen play for the latter earned him a Silver Remy at the Houston Film Festival.   For its depiction of Southern race relations his novel The Hard to Catch won the Lillian Smith Award . He collaborated with photographer V. Elizabeth Turk on the popular Mantelpieces of the Old South and supplied the text for chef Charlotte Jenkin’s Gullah Cuisine.

Done with photographer Selden Hill and published in 2011, The Unpainted South won the Gold Benjamin Franklin Award for poetry given by the Independent Book Sellers Association. The follow up collection, These Our Offerings, earned a second Benjamin Franklin Award. Both were published with Evening Post Books.

His writing has also appeared in Charleston, Garden and Gun, Southern Living, Victoria, Veranda, and Southern Accents magazines.

Book Title: The Hard to Catch Mercy

From lowcountry writer William Baldwin comes a new edition of his 1993 Lillian Smith Award–winning novel, The Hard to Catch Mercy. Including a new introduction by the author, this Southern Revivals edition makes available once more a story that touches on the issues of religion, race, and coming-of-age in the post–Civil War South, when the lines between these issues were not always clear. Set in fictional Cedar Point, a small southern community in the early 1900s, The Hard to Catch Mercy is told through the eyes of a young boy, Willie T., who is forced to confront the changing world around him. Including a cast of incredibly outlandish characters, Baldwin’s novel is a wild, darkly comic tale rich with trick mules, Christian voodoo, fire, brimstone, first love, death, and the end of the world as Willie T. knows it.

Charles Town review-Charleston magazine